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EDSITEment's Guide to Black History Month Teaching Resources

African American Union soldier, Civil War
Photo caption

Enoch Long. Unidentified African American soldier in Union uniform with a rifle and revolver in front of painted backdrop showing weapons and American flag at Benton Barracks, Saint Louis, Missouri, c. 1863–1865.

For Black History Month, EDSITEment offers a revised and updated version of our Guide to Teaching Resources a comprehensive collection of free NEH-supported, vetted websites and EDSITEment-developed lessons on African American history and literature arranged roughly by historical period. These resources help bridge the gap between the expanding academic scholarship of the black experience and the need for this history to be more widely taught at the K–12 level.

While African American history should be taught throughout the year as part of American History, February’s Black History Month is the perfect time to investigate more deeply the struggles, challenges and achievements of African Americans.  

In this special listing, teachers, parents, and students will find a range of vetted multimedia resources to understand and appreciate the 400 year long history of African Americans. Along the way, they will also encounter some of the most influential voices and the most memorable images in all of American history and culture.

On this Page:

From Africa to Colonial America

African Americans and the Struggle for Independence

Life under Slavery

Free Black People

Resistance to Slavery and Abolitionism

Civil War


Jim Crow Era

W.E.B. Du Bois and the Rise of the NAACP

World War I

The Twenties and Great Migration

Great Depression & New Deal

World War II

Civil Rights Era

African Americans in the Global Age