Lesson Plan

Romare Bearden's The Dove: A Meeting of Vision and Sound

Romare Bearden, The Dove, 1964.
Photo caption

Romare Bearden, The Dove, 1964.

What does the artist see? How does that vision shape our perceptions of society? In The Dove, artist Romare Bearden challenges us to examine Black culture in America. Constructed out of ordinary scraps of paper, his collage figures link the present day experience of the 1960s to the past. By examining the art of Romare Bearden, students will learn to appreciate the artistic and intellectual achievement of Black artists in America in the first half of the 20th century. By listening to music, students will see how art and music intersect to tell us a story. They will relate that story to their own lives.

Guiding Questions

How does Romare Bearden define Black identity in The Dove and what are the sources of his inspiration?

How does jazz music relate to the art of Romare Bearden?

How can we relate art and music to changes in American society?

Learning Objectives

Analyze Romare Bearden’s collage technique and explain how his vision represents African American identity.

Discuss the importance of improvisation in jazz music.

Analyze how changes in art and musical style reflect and influence changes in society.