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EDSITEment provides access to NEH-funded media resources including videos, podcasts, lectures, interactives for the classroom, and film projects. Each resource includes questions to prompt analysis, connections to other NEH-related resources, and links to related EDSITEment lessons and materials.

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Picturing America: Thomas Eakins

In this short video from Picturing America, learn about Thomas Eakins's expert watercolor portrait of John Biglin on Philadelphia's Schuylkill River

Picturing America: Wyeth & Rockwell

Learn more about N.C. Wyeth's cover illustration for The Last of the Mohicans and Norman Rockwell's painting, "The Freedom of Speech" in this Picturing America video.

Picturing America: Tiffany & Whistler

Learn about Tiffany Studios's glowing "Autumn Landscape" window and James Whistler's ornate Peacock Room, created for Frederick Richards Leyland.

Picturing America: Thomas Cole

Learn more about one of Thomas Cole's most famous paintings, "View from Mount Holyoke, Northampton, Massachusetts, after a Thunderstorm" (commonly known as "The Oxbow") with this video from Picturing America.

Picturing America: Bierstadt & Diebenkorn

Though Albert Bierstadt and Richard Diebenkorn created these paintings almost 100 years apart, they create a similar sensation of pilgrimage and uplift. Both painted scenes from the West Coast and worked extensively with light to draw viewers into the painting and move their gaze through it. Learn more with Picturing America.

Picturing America: Romare Bearden

Romare Bearden grew up in New York City during the Harlem Renaissance, having moved there with his family as a young child as part of the Great Migration. Jazz music, and a commitment to creating art that reflected the African American experience in the segregated United States, would be lifelong influences on his work.

Picturing America: Pottery and Baskets

Learn about the art of indigenous peoples of North America and how knowledge of technique and craftsmanship is passed from one generation to the next for hundreds and thousands of years.