National History Day 2019: Triumph and Tragedy in History

Every year EDSITEment staff puts together resources for National History Day drawn from the rich archive of lessons, vetted websites and featured articles from EDSITEment and from our parent agency, the National Endowment for the Humanities.

  • Among the kinds of resources you will find on these pages are links to the Sample Topics in U.S. History, European History and World History.
  • Because NEH supports a special award for the best use of the Chronicling America database, you will find resources on how to search and utilize this database in your project in the Chronicling America portal.
  • Working with our partners at  Smithsonian Education, we collaborate each year on a series of special digitial collections which are keyed to annual theme. This year we have created four collection for Triumph and Tragedy in History. Finally, the portal contains the archive of previous year’s resources going back to 2014. Many of these resources would be useful for this year’s projects.

National History Day