Searching Chronicling America

Chronicling America provides free access to millions of historic American newspaper pages. Listed at these links are topics widely covered in the American press of the time. Chronicling America will be adding more topics on a regular basis. To find out what's new, sign up for Chronicling America's weekly notification service, that highlights interesting content on the site and lets you know when new newspapers and topics are added. Users can use the icons at the bottom of the Chronicling America Web page to subscribe. If you would like to suggest other topics, use the Ask a Librarian contact form available on the Newspaper and Current Periodical Reading Room site. Dates show the approximate range of sample articles.

A Note on Sensitive Content

The first-hand evidence of history is not always pretty. Scattered among the 15,000 pages of "American Journeys" are many that may make your students or their parents uncomfortable. Be prepared to encounter such moments and to use them to help students understand their own beliefs and values, as well as to learn how complex history is if they look beneath the usual textbook simplifications. Here are some examples of objectionable content and how you might respond. Read more…

What is Chronicling America?