Lesson Plan

Lesson 1: Language Analysis Based on Stave 1

Scrooge and the Ghost of Marley by Arthur Rackham.
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Scrooge and the Ghost of Marley by Arthur Rackham.

To complete this lesson, students need to have read the first stave or chapter of the story, which precedes Scrooge’s encounters with the ghosts promised by Marley’s spirit.  Worksheet 1 involves them in decoding language based on context (CCSS RL 8.4) and engages them in close examination of parts of the text, all of which stress Scrooge’s coldness and isolation. Note that chapters in this work are also known as “staves. By focusing on selected passages, students understand Dickens’ language and recognize the protagonist’s adamant refusal to participate in the holiday celebrated by everyone around him. 

Guiding Questions

What does A Christmas Carol teach us about life and humanity?

How does Dickens use symbolism throughout A Christmas Carol?

Learning Objectives

Analyze the meanings of words and phrases based on textual context.

Describe and analyze Ebenezer Scrooge as he is presented in the opening stave.