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EDSITEment provides access to NEH-funded media resources including videos, podcasts, lectures, interactives for the classroom, and film projects. Each resource includes questions to prompt analysis, connections to other NEH-related resources, and links to related EDSITEment lessons and materials.

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Ask an NEH Expert: Writing and Editing

Dana Williams, Howard University English Department Chair and professor of African American literature, discusses the writing and editing process.

Ask an NEH Expert: Building an Argument

In this "Ask an NEH Expert" interview, Margaret Hughes, Associate Director for Education at Historic Hudson Valley, discusses crafting an argument and working with primary sources to support your claims.

Ask an NEH Expert: Validating Sources

Leslie Hayes, the New York Historical Society's Director of Education, discusses how to engage with primary and secondary sources in historical research projects—and how to proceed when sources say very different things.

Ask an NEH Expert: Wide Research

Jeffrey Ludwig, Director of Education at the Seward House Museum (Auburn, New York), discusses the benefits of wide research when developing any project. The video includes examples of primary sources and other resources available at the Seward House that illustrate how wide research works. 

Slave Voyages

Slave Voyages: The Transatlantic Slave Trade Database is an NEH-funded digital humanities project that represents decades of careful research and documentation. Scholars worked to collect information about the voyages of enslaved people, first across the Atlantic and then within the Americas, and to transfer unpublished archival records into machine-readable data.

Adiós Amor: The Search for Maria Moreno

Though narratives of the early farm worker movement are associated most with figures like César Chávez and Dolores Huerta, Maria Moreno, an activist and labor organizer in the 1950s, predated them both. Adiós Amor, a film funded in part by the NEH, traces her story.

BackStory: Another Burden to Bear

In this episode of the NEH-funded BackStory—“Another Burden to Bear”—learn about the history of racial health disparities in the United States. The segments discuss the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, mental health care, efforts to combat tuberculosis within Native American communities, and the Madrigal Ten.

BackStory: Forgotten Flu—America and the 1918 Pandemic

This episode of BackStory takes listeners into the flu pandemic of 1918 that killed nearly 675,000 people. How do pandemics come about and what responsibilities do people bare to prevent further spread of a virus? We provide the audio recording, a listening guide, and connections to resources for investigating pandemics in world history.  

BackStory: Shattering the Glass Ceiling

This BackStory podcast highlights female achievement in American history, including working women, women in journalism, political leaders, and civil rights activists. Analysis questions, classroom connections, and a full transcript are included.