Lesson 3: The Roman Alphabet is our Alphabet

Big, red letter "A," with a man in a roman tunic standing next to it
Photo caption

The Romans used the first version of the modern western alphabet.

The Romans developed the alphabet we still use today. In this lesson we will introduce the Romans and ask how their alphabet got to us.

Guiding Questions

Who were the Romans and where did they live?

Who uses the alphabet they developed?

Can we recognize all the letters the Romans used?

What are some reasons the Romans were important?

Learning Objectives

After completing this lesson the students will be able to: Show that the Greeks, Phoenicians and Romans lived in the Mediterranean area.

Say that the Romans had a big empire in this area.

Give some reasons why the alphabet was important for the Romans.

Say that the Romans developed the alphabet they are learning in school.

Compare Roman letters to their own alphabet.