Lesson Plan

Under the Deep Blue Sea

Clown fish playing hide and seek in sea anemone.
Photo caption

Clown fish playing hide and seek in sea anemone.

Take your students on an underwater exploration of the sea to inspire their creativity and teach them about the ocean and the many life forms that make their homes in its mysterious depths. Students will learn about the ocean and the creatures that live there, listen to stories and poems with oceanic settings, conduct research about oceanic life forms, and write their own stories and poems about the sea.

This lesson gives students the opportunity to explore oceans and ocean life. After locating the earth's major oceans on a world map, students will "dive underwater" to discover the plants and animals that live in the sea. Students will listen to stories and poems with oceanic settings and learn about the forms of sea life featured in each. They can add their own artwork and text about ocean animals and plants to a cut-away ocean display. Finally, students will engage in various forms of creative writing about the ocean and ocean life.

Guiding Questions

What is an ocean?

What do we imagine when we think about the ocean?

What are the names of the major oceans of the world, and where are they located?

How is the ocean represented in stories and poems?

What kinds of plants and animals live in the ocean, and what can we learn about them?

How can we use what we have learned to create our own poems and stories about the ocean?

Learning Objectives

Describe the ocean based on information presented in class

Learn how many oceans there are, where they are located on a world map, and why they are often considered one big ocean

Recall information they learned while listening to stories and poems with oceanic settings

Research various forms of sea life, and learn about one in enough detail to share their information with the class

Understand the elements of poems and stories written about the ocean