Lesson Plan

Not Only Paul Revere: Other Riders of the American Revolution

"The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere."
Photo caption

Artist rendering of "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere."

Paul Revere's ride is the most famous event of its kind in American history. But other Americans made similar rides during the American Revolution. Who were these men and women? Why were their rides important? Do they deserve to be better known?

Help your students develop a broader understanding of the Revolutionary War as they learn about some less well known but no less colorful rides that occurred in other locations. Give your students the opportunity to immortalize these "other riders" in verse as Longfellow did for Paul Revere. Heighten your students' skills in reading texts critically and making defendable judgments based on them.

Note: For a lesson comparing Longfellow’s famous poem on Revere's ride to actual historical events, see the related EDSITEment lesson Why Do We Remember Paul Revere? Paul Revere’s Ride in History and Literature.

Guiding Questions

What were the circumstances surrounding rides of the American Revolution other than Paul Revere's?

Why has posterity treated them differently than Revere's ride?

Learning Objectives

Recount the circumstances surrounding other rides of the American Revolution.

Compare the motives and outcomes of the other riders' feats and Revere's.

Create an original poem based on historical fact.

Create an original argument as to why "other riders" deserve to be better known.