Lesson Plan

Lesson Two. Empire Intelligence Briefings

A key role of diplomats is to gather and analyze intelligence. In this lesson, students acting as diplomats will present a short “intelligence briefing” to the representatives of the other Early Modern empires. The goal for the other diplomats is to gather and analyze this “intelligence” and begin to use it to make decisions about the empires they want to engage in diplomacy and trade with.

This lesson is the second in a seven lesson sequence. Teachers may link to the unit overview with Guiding Questions, College and Career Readiness standards and Background. Lesson 2 aligns with CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.CCRA.R.7.

Guiding Questions

How and why do Empires decide to cooperate instead of fight?

Learning Objectives

Students will compare the status of other Early Modern Empires with their own.

Students will evaluate the contributions of Early Modern empires to determine the pros and cons of establishing a diplomatic relationship.