Lesson Plan

American Colonial Life in the Late 1700s: Distant Cousins

Map of the Thirteen Original Colonies.
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Map of the Thirteen Original Colonies.

This lesson introduces students to American colonial life and has them compare the daily life and culture of two different colonies in the late 1700s. Students study artifacts of the thirteen original British colonies and write letters between fictitious cousins in Massachusetts and Delaware.

Guiding Questions

What was life like for people living in the original thirteen British colonies during the late 1700s?

How and why did life differ for families in different areas?

How did life in the colonies influence the lives we lead today?

Learning Objectives

Identify the original thirteen British colonies on a map.

Understand how physical geography affected settlement.

Understand how settlers' backgrounds influenced their values, priorities, and daily lives.

Examine artifacts and make inferences about the people and the historical periods that they represent.

Imagine typical daily life for different families in colonial America in the late 1700s.

Write a letter from the viewpoint of someone who lived in a different time and place.