Revolutionary Tea Parties and the Reasons for Revolution

Bostonian's SONS keep up your Courage good, And sink all Tyrants in their GUILTY BLOOD.
—From the broadside Tea destroyed by Indians (1773)

Ironically, the Tea Act had nothing to do with the American colonies but everything to do with rescuing the East India Company from bankruptcy: the result of the legislation was the loss of the American colonies."
From Marjie Bloy

The Boston Tea Party was the inspiration for a number of similar events that occurred throughout the American colonies. Some colonists were very angry. One broadside poem describing the original tea party ended with the charge that all good sons of Boston should "sink all Tyrants in their GUILTY BLOOD!" Why all this rebellious fervor about tea? Did Britain's Tea Act and the resulting controversy in the colonies lead to the American Revolution?

Note: For activities specifically related to events surrounding the Boston Tea Party, see the complementary EDSITEment lesson, The Boston Tea Party: Costume Optional?

Guiding Questions

Why did some colonists react so intensely to the Tea Act?

Did the Tea Act lead to the American Revolution?

Learning Objectives

List some tea party protests other than the Boston Tea Party.

State some possible reasons behind the tea protests.


Explain the connection between the Boston Tea Party, other tea parties, and events that preceded and followed them.