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World War I and America

World War I and America a multimedia website and anthology of writings by Americans who experienced World War I.

Voices of Democracy

The Voices of Democracy project is designed to promote the study of great speeches and public debates. The emphasis of the project is on the actual words of those who, throughout American history, have defined the country's guiding principles.


Daniel Defoe's "Robinson Crusoe" published


Alice and the Jabberwocky

National Poetry Month: Exemplars from EDSITEment: Poetry for the Classroom

National Poetry Month feature aligning Common Core State Standards Poetry exemplars with EDSITEment resources. Highlighted multimedia resources include links to the poem, commentary on the poem and the poet, curriculum resources, websites, audio recordings, etc.

Performers at the Globe Theater in London

“Shakespeare Uncovered” in the Classroom

“Shakespeare Uncovered” is a six-part PBS series featuring celebrated actors and directors exploring the back stories behind his most famous plays. This guide helps teachers navigate the series website and offers ideas to integrate the series into a high school classroom setting. The guide links to full videos of each episode as well as lesson plans, play maps, character quiz and other educational resources.

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picture of U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Straightforward access to the museum's archives, including photographs, transcripts of lectures, and guidelines for teaching about the Holocaust.