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In the Field: Supreme Court Historical Society

"To the extent that it is possible, that we can keep these books from being handled, to that extent, this library can be preserved, not only for people to use them in the present, but for people to use 100 years from the day we are sitting here now."

—James O'Hara, "In the Field: Supreme Court Historical Society"

The Supreme Court Historical Society's library contains the most extensive collection of resources about the Supreme Court. Many of its books can be found in only a few libraries; moreover, many are fragile from age and use. Digitizing the materials in this library will not only expand access to scholars and learners around the world, but will also minimize the handling of the collection's most delicate volumes to protect them from further wear.

Discussion Questions

  • Why is the preservation of the Supreme Court Historical Library important?
  • In the video, Professor O'Hara speaks about the advantages of digitization. Can you think of any drawbacks to digitization as a preservation approach?

Classroom Connections

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