Lesson Plan

My Piece of History

Motorola Carphone Model TLD-1100, 1964.
Photo caption

Motorola Carphone Model TLD-1100, 1964.

What is the oldest object in your home? How did it get there and why is your family saving it? Finding the answer to these questions can put students in touch with family history and help them discover how much of our past lies hidden in "old things." In this lesson, students first examine pictures of household objects from the late 20th century and gather historical information about them from older family members, then create an in-class exhibit of historical objects from their own homes.

Guiding Questions

What can old things teach us about our past?

Why do we keep them?

Why are some old things important to us?

Why do some grow in value as they get older?

Learning Objectives

Provide a historical context for objects from the past.

Characterize the historical significance of objects from the past.

Conduct historical research through interviews and field work.

Construct a historical narrative.