Lesson Plan

Lascaux: La Vie en Caverne!

Animal painting, Lascaux Cave, France.
Photo caption

Animal painting, Lascaux Cave, France.

Speleology, the scientific study of caves, began in France with Edouard Martel. It's only appropriate that elementary French students learn their cave-art vocabulary by studying the caves of France. In this highly kinetic lesson, students will explore cave paintings of France and create their own cave-wall art for the classroom.

Guiding Questions

Why do people make paintings or sculptures or other works of art? Why do you suppose cave people painted or scratched pictures on their walls?

What kinds of stories can we get from the pictures they put on their walls? If you lived in a cave home, and you wanted to tell an important story about living in France, how would you put it into pictures?

Learning Objectives

Explain the purpose of cave paintings and rock art

Identify some of the animals that roamed France in prehistoric times

Appreciate the methods used by ancient civilization to create cave and rock art

Use appropriate French words related to cave exploration:explorer, la grotte, la casque, la lumière, allumer, la peinture, la gravure, le dessin, la sculpture, l’archéologie, archéologue, préhistorique, la pierre, troglodyte