Lesson Plan

French and Family

Flag of France
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Flag of France

Young children are fascinated, though sometimes a bit frightened, by cultures different from their own. They are also at a stage of development when it's exciting and relatively easy to acquire new vocabulary. This unit on French language and culture takes full advantage of these points; and its focus on the family—a subject to which all students can relate—keeps the lessons simple and age-appropriate. Students will learn about French families and gain a preliminary knowledge of the French language, learning the French names for various family members.

Guiding Questions

Where is France? Where else is the French language spoken?

How are French and American families alike and different?

What French words can we learn that look and sound almost the same as our English words?

Learning Objectives

Identify at least one country where the French language is spoken.

Describe similarities and differences between French and American families.

Speak the French words for some family members.