Lesson Plan

De Colores

'Colores de Mi Barrio' mural in El Azteca, Texas.
Photo caption

"Colores de Mi Barrio" mural in El Azteca, Texas.

This lesson plan is designed for young learners at the novice or novice-intermediate level of proficiency in Spanish. It is important for students to develop simple vocabulary and pronunciation in the Spanish language, and this lesson plan can be an excellent tool for this. The vocabulary, the colors, is appealing to young learners because colors are easy for them to comprehend and observe while connecting the newly acquired vocabulary to familiar objects. The activities in this lesson plan will help students learn ten colors in Spanish and also provide them with practice to use them in context. This lesson plan helps satisfy standard 1.2 (Interpretive Communication) of the National Standards for Learning Languages to show comprehension of authentic audio and visual resources based on familiar themes. 

Guiding Questions

What are the names of some of the colors in Spanish?

How are colors used to create complete sentences in Spanish?

Learning Objectives

Learn 10 new colors in Spanish

Read and learn a new song about colors in Spanish

Learn the colors of some common objects

Learn the colors of common objects

Talk in simple sentences about colors