Life in Old Babylonia: The Importance of Trade

Trade was critical to Old Babylonia, where many highly prized natural resources were scarce but agricultural goods were in surplus. A vibrant trading system developed, bringing manufactured goods and raw materials from as far as Turkey, and even India, 1,500 miles away. Trade became integral to the economy and the culture. In this lesson, students explore the trade industry in Old Babylonia and its far-flung influence.

Guiding Questions

What connections existed between trade and the economic, cultural, and religious life of Old Babylonia?

Learning Objectives

Provide examples from the archaeological record indicating the existence of a trade network in Old Babylonia and beyond

Read maps and artifacts for information

List goods imported to and exported from Babylonia

Point out trading centers and sources of raw materials on a map of ancient Mesopotamia

Analyze the influence of trade on the economy and culture of Old Babylonia