Lesson 7: Trekking to Timbuktu: Restoring the Past (Student Version)

Here is the last major topic you need to cover for the big pitch you're going to make to the producers of Globe Trekkers—and it's very important one. Who wants to travel to see a bunch of sand-covered ruins? Lots of things are being done to rescue the buildings and the ancient manuscripts of the long gone days of past glory. Once you find out what these are, you can present them as a major reason for Globe Trekkers to visit the "reawakening" city of Timbuktu!

Guiding Questions

What environmental factors threaten Timbuktu?

What measures are being taken to restore the mosques?

What is the condition of the ancient manuscripts, and what is being done to preserve them?

Learning Objectives

Describe the environmental conditions that presently threaten Timbuktu

Explain what efforts are being made to restore the ancient mosques

Describe the condition of the ancient manuscripts and tell what is being done to preserve them