Lesson 3: Trekking to Timbuktu: Timbuktu: A Center of Trade--Student Version

Hop (back) in the time capsule and travel to 14th century Timbuktu.Your task is to find out about the origins of the city and discover why it became such an important place. Here's a hint: as the realtors say, “Location is everything.”

Before you start snooping around, think about the questions you'll need to answer for the producers back home at Globe Trekker headquarters:

  • What were the origins of Timbuktu?
  • What was so important about its setting?
  • What was the kingdom of Mali?
  • How did Timbuktu become a part of Mali?

Guiding Questions

No Guiding Questions

Learning Objectives

Discuss the origins of Timbuktu

Explain the importance of its location

Describe the kingdom of Mali

Understand how and why Timbuktu became a part of Mali