Reading the Constitution

Constitution Day


What better way to celebrate this important document, its place within our society and throughout our history, than to closely

Photograph of US constitution

investigate the words and ideas contained in it. Unlike more recent constitutions, the document is written in the language of ordinary people and is only a few pages.

EDSITEment’s worksheet “Understanding the U.S. Constitution” will help students read and interpret the original document by working their way through the text and answering questions about each section. After they examine the Constitution section by section, students can further engage with the text with an essay outline worksheet in which they define and defend their own understanding of the significance of the document. We suggest four engaging and thoughtful essay topics as well as another essay outline worksheet to help your students organize their ideas, evidence, and analysis.

Teachers, parents, caregivers, and students, jump on board for a tour of the United States Constitution!

Follow the links below to obtain a transcription of the Constitution or an image of the original document, provided by the National Archives and Records Administration.