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Pass It On! Family Stories

The American Library Association is sponsoring a Pass It On: Preservation Week April 24–30, 2011 highlighting what we can do, individually and together, to preserve our personal and shared collections.

Spotlight bilingüe, La Revolución Mexicana / Bilingual Spotlight, The Mexican Revolution

Hundreds of people have visited EDSITEment’s spotlight on the Centennial of the Mexican Revolution 1910-2010 to learn about the first modern revolution of the twentieth century. It includes resources, featured EDSITEment lessons of relevance, glossary of terms, and sections studying traditional songs (with bilingual lyrics), muralist painting and history.

PBS en el aula hispanoparlante/PBS in the Spanish-speaking Classroom

PBS crea excelentes recursos que pueden ser utilizados en la enseñanza del castellano o de la cultura o herencia hispana, para diferentes edades o diferentes niveles de habilidad en la lengua castellana. Aquí aparecen varios recursos que bien pueden ser útiles para docentes que visiten o bien, se anexen a nuestro grupo.