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Image from Vietnam war documentary. American soldier on patrol

The Vietnam War. Ken Burns, Lynn Novick

Documentary film series by Ken Burns and Kim Novick, premiers on PBS September 17, 2017

Brooklyn Bridge

Incredible Bridges: Poets Creating Community

A multimedia series in which nine contemporary poets read a poem that fosters a new idea of American community, speaking to both the unity and the differences that define us. Nine companion lesson plans offer a sequence of activities to help students enter and experience the poem.


Emiliano Zapata

The Mexican Revolution: November 20th, 1910

The year 2010 marked the centennial (El Centenario) of the Mexican Revolution, an uprising that took place roughly between 1910 and 1920, recognized as the first major political, social, and cultural revolution of the 20th century.

Soldier's hospital ward

Soldiers, Veterans, and War in U.S. and World History

NEH’s EDSITEment program offers a variety of resources for teaching and learning about the experiences of war and its aftermath and the role of citizen soldiers and veterans in world history and in our national life.

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Civics Renewal Network

The Civics Renewal Network is a consortium of nonpartisan, nonprofit organizations committed to strengthening civic life in the U.S. by increasing the quality of civics education in our nation's schools and by improving accessibility to high-quality, no-cost learning materials.