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Virtual representation of Lena Brodsky, Mission US character

Mission US 4: City of Immigrants

“City of Immigrants” is the fourth entry in the Mission US multimedia project series that immerses players in U.S. History through free interactive educational games. Mission 4 engages students in the dynamic, dangerous world of New York City in the early 20th century as they assume the role of Lena Brodsky, a 14-year-old Jewish Russian immigrant.

Making the World Better logo

“Making the World Better: The Struggle for Equality in 19th Century America”

A secondary level curriculum packet produced in connection with the State House Women’s Leadership Project. Developed by Mass Humanities and the Tsongas Industrial History Center at the UMass/Lowell, it focuses on two of the six State House honorees: Lucy Stone (1818–1893) and Sarah Parker Remond (1824–1894) and includes websites, and other resources that can be used for teaching about the struggle for equality (The Teacher’s Guide, Primary Source Documents, Resource Guide and “HEAR US” virtual tour.)


The U.S. government purchases Alaska from the Russian Empire

The 15th amendment to the Constitution, giving black men the right to vote, declared in effect


A female B-17 pilot

Women's History Month

Throughout our history women have made valuable contributions during wartime both in the civilian and military realm.

Farmyard in Winter, George Henry Durrie

“The Year at Maple Hill Farm”: A Common Core Read-Aloud for Grades K–1

A feature based on an informational read-aloud text, "The Year at Maple Hill Farm." This picture book will offer primary grade teachers new ways to engage students in discovering what a natural year really looks like, especially in relation to farm animals.

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Rickwood Field, Alabama

Hometown Teams: How Sports Shape America

Sports are an indelible part of our culture and community. Hometown Teams: How Sports Shape America shows how sports reflect the trials and triumphs of the American experience and help mold our national character. Hometown Teams is part of Museum on Main Street, a collaboration between the Smithsonian Institution and State Humanities Councils nationwide. The online exhibition includes educational resources for grades 6–10 aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

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Constitutionally Speaking

Constitutionally Speaking, a collaboration of the New Hampshire Humanities Council and several New Hampshire nonprofit organizations offers a suite of civics resources for K–12 teachers, including award-winning lesson plans and videos on the nation's founding document and its application in 21st-century America.