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Italian Americans

The Italian Americans

The Italian Americans is a PBS documentary that reveals the distinctive qualities of one immigrant group’s experience and how they have shaped and challenged America. Educational resources trace their evolution from their arrival as migrant laborers with a role in the nation’s modernization, to the struggle against discrimination and lingering stereotypes, to a central role in the making of postwar America.

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Wadsworth Atheneum

The Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, the oldest continually-operating public art museum in the United States, has experienced an extensive renovation funded in part by NEH. Major exhibitions and newly refurbished collections offer new interpretive content and deeper engagement with the artwork. An online collection of educational resources provide creative strategies for effectively addressing student learning objectives through the visual arts.



Religious dissident Roger Williams banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony


Portrait of Miguel de Cervantes

Six Hispanic Literary Giants

Explore the great Hispanic poets, from 1600 to present.

Skeleton figures for Mexico's Day of the Dead

Origins of Halloween and the Day of the Dead

Learn about harvest holidays in North America like Halloween and a similar Mexican holiday, the Day of the Dead.

Best of the Web

Witchcraft in a Salem Village

The site provides accurate information about the history of the Salem witch trials using primary documents almost exclusively. These texts include complete court documents, profiles of those involved, rare books and treatises about witchcraft and the Salem trials, and original maps.

Why Treaties Matter poster display

Why Treaties Matter: Self-Government in the Dakota and Ojibwe Nations

A virtual exhibit to see for yourself how Dakota and Ojibwe treaties with the U.S. government affected the lands and lifeways of the Indigenous peoples of the place now called Minnesota and why these binding agreements between nations still matter today. Educator guides provide educators with background, student readings and activities, vocabulary lists, and suggested web and print resources.