NEH Connections

Baseball player jumping to catch ball.

Chasing Dreams: Baseball and Becoming American

Celebrates baseball and the many fans, players, and characters who helped shape our American story. From the National Museum of American Jewish History.

Anna Mae Wong on her visa certificate

Chinese American Exclusion Act

Follow the stories of Chinese immigrants who arrived in America at the height of anti-Chinese restriction.


President Lyndon Johnson delivers "Great Society" speech

Mary Cassatt, American Painter, is born


Photograph of Elli Friedmann, April 1944

Coming of Age in the Holocaust, Coming of Age Now

A free, interactive curriculum for middle and high-school students and their educators that features individual testimonies of thirteen people who were adolescents during the Holocaust.

Manjiro Nakahama, first immigrant of Japanese descent to the United States

Asian-Pacific Heritage Month

Honor the contributions of Asian Americans. In celebration of this occasion, EDSITEment has compiled a list of resources to educate students about these contributions.

Best of the Web

picture of U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Straightforward access to the museum's archives, including photographs, transcripts of lectures, and guidelines for teaching about the Holocaust.

image of tribal governance

Art and Life in Africa Online

African works of art in the context of the lives of African peoples.