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History & Social Studies
<a href="/websites/newcomers-new-york">Newcomers to New York</a>

Newcomers to New York

New York City has welcomed more immigrants to America than any other city. This interactive map website is an engaging and informative tool on the history of Manhattan and its diverse inhabitants.

Art & Culture

New York Philharmonic Kidzone

A comprehensive education on the workings of a major orchestra. Includes interactivities and games.

History & Social Studies

New Perspectives on the West

Guided tour through the history of the American West, following in the footsteps of filmmakers Ken Burns and Stephen Ives.

Art & Culture

New Deal Network

Documentary resources for the study of FDR and his Depression-era programs.

History & Social Studies

New Americans

A PBS-produced site that addresses both historical and contemporary immigration issues in the United States.

History & Social Studies

Naval Historical Center

An extensive view of the naval history of the United States of America, including a virtual tour of the Navy’s exhibit on the USS Constitution.