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Literature & Language Arts
<a href="/websites/celebrate-shakespeares-birthday">Celebrate Shakespeare&#039;s Birthday</a>

Celebrate Shakespeare's Birthday

Celebrate the Bard of Avon’s birthday with Folger Shakespeare’s Library “Online Resources for Teachers.” You’ll find “Shakespeare for Kids,” games and puzzles to engage younger students, and free audio-video resources designed to help you teach Shakespeare to older ones.

History & Social Studies
<a href="/websites/sailors-life-me">A Sailor&#039;s Life for Me!</a>

A Sailor's Life for Me!

Experience life aboard “Old Ironsides” USS Constitution in this interactive game, A Sailor’s Life for Me! Sail to Victory. Learn about naval battleships  in the NEH-funded PBS documentary The War of 1812.

History & Social Studies

Women, War, and Peace

Women, War & Peace is a five-part PBS television series challenging the conventional wisdom that war and peace are men’s domain. The vast majority of today’s conflicts are not fought by nation states and their armies, but rather by informal entities: gangs and warlords using small arms and improvised weapons. The series reveals how the post-Cold War proliferation of small arms has changed the landscape of war, with women becoming primary targets and suffering unprecedented casualties.

History & Social Studies
<a href="/websites/marchand-archive">Marchand Archive</a>

Marchand Archive

An NEH-funded collection of document-based lesson plans by outstanding teachers from the History Project and more than 8,600 images. Lessons encourage analytical skills and include maps, Aztec codices, early Americana, advertising posters, and more.

History & Social Studies
<a href="/websites/new-bedford-whaling-museum">New Bedford Whaling Museum</a>

New Bedford Whaling Museum

In this whaling adventure interactive, explore life in a 19th-century whaling port, board a whaling vessel, and take a “Nantucket sleigh-ride”!

History & Social Studies
<a href="/websites/national-womens-history-museum">National Women&#039;s History Museum</a>

National Women's History Museum

In Clandestine Spies in American History, meet the dedicated “shadow warriors” who went undercover to preserve our national security.