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Call for Website Nominations

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Art & Culture

Plymouth Colony: Archive Project

The site presents a collection of searchable texts, including court records, Colony laws, 17th century texts, research and analysis of various topics, biographical profiles of colonists, probate inventories, wills, maps, town and fort plans, and architectural and material culture studies.

Literature & Language Arts
<a href="/websites/poetry-foundation">Poetry Foundation</a>

Poetry Foundation

Children’s section offers imaginative ways to incorporate poetry in children’s lives, interviews with poets, and more. Includes an interactive poetry tool for searching through poems.

Art & Culture

Pompeii Forum Project

Archeological resources for the study of Roman civilization.

History & Social Studies

Portal to Texas History

Searchable collection of objects and texts related to the history of Texas. Offers a “Young Scholars’ Page” for easy student access.

Art & Culture
<a href="/websites/posadas-and-other-traditions-mexico">Posadas and Other Traditions of Mexico</a>

Posadas and Other Traditions of Mexico

From Dirección General de Culturas Populares, a section of a larger site focusing on holidays celebrated in Mexico and their wider significance. Intermediate through advanced students.

History & Social Studies

Presidential Speeches

Documentary resources dedicated to all 43 American presidents, including presidential speeches, biographies, and other materials related to the presidential office.