Memorial Day observed

Memorial Day observed

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Repeats every year until Fri May 25 2035 .
May 29, 2015
May 29, 2016
May 29, 2017
May 29, 2018
May 29, 2019
May 29, 2020
May 29, 2021
May 29, 2022
May 29, 2023
May 29, 2024
May 29, 2025
May 29, 2026
May 29, 2027
May 29, 2028
May 29, 2029
May 29, 2030
May 29, 2031
May 29, 2032
May 29, 2033
May 29, 2034
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May 29, 1971
  • De Colores

    Created April 13, 2012
    De Colores

    This lesson plan is designed for young learners at the beginner or beginner-intermediate level of proficiency in Spanish. The activities in this lesson plan will help students learn ten colors in Spanish and also provide them with practice to use them in context.

    Emiliano Zapata

    The Mexican Revolution: November 20th, 1910

    The year 2010 marked the centennial (El Centenario) of the Mexican Revolution, an uprising that took place roughly between 1910 and 1920, recognized as the first major political, social, and cultural revolution of the 20th century.

    Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz forced to give up her writing

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    Repeats every year until Mon Feb 28 2022 .
    March 5, 2012
    March 5, 2013
    March 5, 2014
    March 5, 2015
    March 5, 2016
    March 5, 2017
    March 5, 2018
    March 5, 2019
    March 5, 2020
    March 5, 2021
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    March 5, 1694
    Mission Nuestra Señora de la Concepción de Acuña, San Antonio, Texas

    National Hispanic Heritage Month

    The U.S. Government has set aside the period from September 15 to October 15, to honor the many contributions Hispanic Americans have made and continue to make to our nation by observing National Hispanic Heritage Month. EDSITEment honors them with these resources.

    The Statue of Liberty

    Statue of Liberty

    This feature gives students a history of the Statue of Liberty and the waves of immigration to the U.S. around 1900.

    Slavery by Another Name still

    "Slavery by Another Name"

    Slavery by Another Name is a 90-minute, NEH-funded documentary challenging one of America's most cherished assumptions: the belief that slavery ended with the Emancipation Proclamation. The film is viewable online and the website enriched with an interactive map and timeline with text, videos, photos, a searchable selection of themes, enriched with clips, commentary, and more.

    African American Union soldier, Civil War

    EDSITEment's Guide to Black History Month Teaching Resources

    In this special revised and updated feature for Black History Month, teachers, parents, and students will find a collection of NEH-supported websites and EDSITEment-developed lessons that tell the four-hundred-year old story of African Americans from slavery through freedom and citizenship to the presidency.

    What So Proudly We Hail: The Meaning of America Curriculum

    Through the use of stories, speeches, and songs, this site seeks to educate hearts and minds about American ideals, American identity and national character, and the virtues and aspirations of our civic life. A ten lesson curriculum is included which covers the following topics: National Identity and Why It Matters, Freedom and Individuality, Equality, Enterprise and Commerce, Freedom and Religion, Law Abidingness, Self Command, Courage and Self-Sacrifice, and Compassion.

    British officer giving a command

    The War That Made America

    The War That Made America tells the story of the French and Indian War (1754-1763), which began in the wilderness of the Pennsylvania frontier and spread throughout the colonies, into Canada, and ultimately around the world. it is narrated and hosted by Graham Greene, the Academy-Award nominated actor for Dances With Wolves and an Oneida Indian whose ancestors fought in this war.