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"Reporting America at War"

The NEH-funded film by Stephen Ives, Reporting America at War, explores the role of American journalists from San Juan Hill to the Persian Gulf in a three-hour documentary that tells the dramatic and often surprising stories of the reporters who wrote the news from the battlefield.

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Teach It

Teach It from CT Humanities offers online inquiry-based social studies activities aligned with the new social studies framework for grades 3, 5, 8, and high school. Content is designed to connect local events to the American history curriculum. Help build the site by submitting your own materials.

Christopher Columbus sets foot in the Americas

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October 12, 1492
Poster - First Call with Uncle Sam

World War I: American Artists View the Great War

An online exhibition from the Library of Congress containing posters, cartoons, photographs, and other images illustrating the impact American artists had in raising patriotic sentiment for WWI.

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Mission US: Up from the Dust

“Up from the Dust,” the fifth entry in the Mission US series of free interactive educational games, has students deal with the hardships a Great Plains family of wheat farmers encounters during the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression.

Smithsonian Museum African American History and Culture building

Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture

Located on the National Mall in Washington DC., this Smithsonian museum hosts a collection of over 30,000 artifacts that provide a record of the experiences and contributions of African Americans to our nation’s history and culture.

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Beyond Chicken Soup: Jews & Medicine in America

This exhibition at the Jewish Museum of Maryland examines the long-running relationship between American Jews and the medical profession. The educators' section includes primary source activities for grades 9-12, aligned to Common Core standards, that deal with the intersection of identity and medicine.    

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A Head Start on Picturing America

Developed in partnership with NEH to assist Head Start staff and parents share the world of art with children. Picturing America offers opportunities to address children’s school readiness, family literacy and parent involvement goals. The website includes a downloadable resource guide, creative activities, and a video of one Head Start program’s experience hosting an event designed to explore art and history in a fun, family-oriented way.

  • Chronicling America: Uncovering a World at War

    Created June 10, 2014

    This lesson provides students with tools to analyze primary source newspaper articles about the Great War (1914–1917) in order to understand public opinion regarding the U.S. entry  into the war from multiple perspectives.

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    Histories of the National Mall

    Explore historical maps, discover stories you never knew, find people and historical events related to the Mall's past.