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Student resources are interactive activities collected from around the Web. They can be used to support related lesson plans or as standalone activities in the classroom. Browse our library of student resources by grade level or subject area below.

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History & Social Studies
Cold War Europe

Cold War Europe

This interactive map shows the sequence of events in Europe during the early years of the Cold War, as well as their geographic locations. By clicking on the numbered locations pop-ups will appear with more information.Accompanies the curriculum unit: The Origins of the Cold War, 1945-1949.

Foreign Language
Colores: Learning Colors in Spanish

Colores: Learning Colors in Spanish

Follow the instructions to use and complete this multiple-choice quiz on the names of colors in Spanish. This interactive has audio elements to it. The interactive is most effective when the user allows the audio portion of each panel to complete before moving on to the next panel.

Literature & Language Arts

Comparing Death Poems

Art & Culture

Composition Basics: Botticelli Line Drawing

3. Compose a Visual Symphony: Pulling towards the Center

Art & Culture

Composition Basics: Carpaccio Diagram 1 (Figure 8)

2. Compose a Visual Symphony: Variety of Visions