Student Resources

Student resources are interactive activities collected from around the Web. They can be used to support related lesson plans or as standalone activities in the classroom. Browse our library of student resources by grade level or subject area below.

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Art & Culture

Launchpad: A Trip to Wonderland: The Nursery 'Alice'

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: Nonsense Poetry and Whimsy

History & Social Studies

Launchpad: African-Americans & the CCC

Students learn about FDR and the African-American Civilian Conservation Corps.

Art & Culture

Launchpad: Allegory in Painting

This launchpad introduces students to allegory in the visual arts through the works of a number of well-known artists, including Thomas Cole and Caravaggio.

History & Social Studies

Launchpad: Battle of Thermopylae

The goal of this Launchpad is not only to get you thinking about the differences between Xerxes and Leonidas, the Persians and the Greeks, but also to guide you to greater understanding of the way history is represented and interpreted from a specific point of view.

History & Social Studies

Launchpad: Benjamin Franklin's Virtues

This Launchpad, adapted from, provides background materials and discussion questions to enhance your reading and understanding of Benjamin Franklin’s “The Project of Moral Perfection” a passage from his Autobiography.

History & Social Studies

Launchpad: Birth of a Nation

Birth of a Nation, the NAACP, and the Balancing of Rights