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Holocaust and Resistance: The Faces of Resistance

Created September 26, 2010

In this assignment students will use the interactive archives at the EDSITEment reviewed website the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum to provide them with evidence that the impulse to resist remained alive during the Holocaust. You can access the museum's collections, including the archive, here. Students can use the online note-taker and outline tool to record their findings. Ask students to complete the following task:

  • Search the archives for information on the following incidents, using the place name as your keyword:
    • the April 1943 Warsaw Ghetto uprising:
    • the August 1943 revolt at the Treblinka death camp;
    • the October 1943 break out at the Sobibor death camp,
    • the October 1944 bombing of a crematorium at the Auschwitz death camp.

You can also conduct a "subject" search using the keywords resistance and resistance fighter. In addition to archival photographs, your search will provide summaries of many survivor accounts of these incidents.