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Cuban Missile Crisis Interactive

Soviet missile equipment being loaded at port in Cuba, 1962.
Photo caption

Soviet missile equipment being loaded at port in Cuba, 1962.

This interactive puts the student in the role of President Kennedy, having to decide among several options for responding to the presence of Soviet missiles in Cuba. By clicking on the names of individual advisers, students can read the views of men such as Secretary of State Dean Rusk, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, and Attorney General Robert Kennedy. After studying the strengths and weaknesses of each option, the student will be asked to choose an option, which will then bring up a new window that evaluates the response.

The Cuban Missile Crisis

Note: This interactive uses Adobe Flash.

An alternative is the interactive The World on the Brink: John F. Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis, created by the JFK Presidential Library. In this interactive, students work with primary sources from the 13 days of the crisis, including photographs, daily schedules, audio recordings, correspondence, maps, and newspaper reports.

These interactives can be used in the EDSITEment lesson plan The Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962: The Missiles of October.