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Picturing America: Tiffany & Whistler

Tiffany, "Autumn Landscape," 1923-24
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Tiffany, "Autumn Landscape," 1923-24

In this video from Picturing America, learn about Tiffany's famous "Autumn Landscape" window and John Whistler's opulent Peacock Room.

View the video (6 minutes) on Picturing America.

Access the Picturing America lesson plans for Tiffany and Whistler.

Classroom Connections

Comprehension Questions

  • What are the characteristics of medieval stained glass?
  • How did Tiffany bring art and science together to create his stained glass pieces?
  • What is the "total artistic experience"?
  • How is "Art and Money" an allegorical expression of Whistler's experience creating the room? What tensions does it highlight about the creation and preservation of art?