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Picturing America: Quilts of the 19th and 20th Centuries

History in Quilts: Lone Star Quilt
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History in Quilts: Lone Star Quilt.

Quilts are of both practical and artistic value, offering an economical yet decorative way to bring warmth to a home with scraps of fabric. In this video from Picturing America, you'll learn more about the different quiltmaking traditions in America.

View the video (7 minutes) from Picturing America.

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Classroom Connections

Comprehension Questions

  • What function did quilts serve in many homes?
  • What is unique about early Amish quilts?
  • What are some examples of quilting traditions and different cultural influences on American quilting?

EDSITEment Resources

Younger students can learn more about how quilts are made and used to tell and share stories with the lesson plans Stories in Quilts (grades K-5) and History in Quilts (grades K-5).

For older students, the discussion of quilting can connect to questions about women's rights, domestic labor, and the circumscription of opportunities for women to express themselves artistically. Some EDSITEment resources to support these conversations include: