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Picturing America: Cassatt and Sargent

"The Boating Party," Mary Cassatt, 1893/1894.
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"The Boating Party," Mary Cassatt, 1893/1894.

Mary Cassatt and John Singer Sargent were American artists who spent much of their lives in Europe, especially Paris. Both were part of the impressionist movement and known for their paintings of children and childhood. Cassatt in particular has been noted for her paintings of mothers and children, echoing traditional Madonna and child paintings but with a new, feminist edge. Learn more about both artists and their work from Picturing America.

View the video (5 minutes) from Picturing America.

Access the Picturing America lesson plan for Cassatt and Sargent.

Classroom Connections

Comprehension Questions

  • Why was it important that Sargent and Cassatt were in Paris, rather than the United States?
  • What is remarkable about Sargent's portraits of children?
  • What is a common theme in Cassatt and Sargent's work?

Using Cassatt and Sargent in Class

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