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“Taking a Stand in History” with EDSITEment Resources


EDSITEment offers over 500 lesson plans and 400 vetted websites covering important events, figures, and ideas in U.S. and World History. An exploration of EDSITEment can suggest interesting, important, and distinctive topics for the National History Day projects you may not have thought about. Further investigation of these resources will point you to some of the most significant primary and secondary sources necessary to build a successful and satisfying project. 

We have put together a sample set of links to our many lessons and vetted websites, along with a few notable articles from NEH’s award-winning Humanities magazine, which will provide deep insight into what it means to “take a stand in history” and suggest further avenues for exploration.

Legend: (A) Article | (B) Blog Post | (L) Lesson | (W) Website

Ancient World

Modern World

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18th Century

19th Century

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20th Century


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