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Lesson Plans and Related Resources for Back to School 2014


As teachers head back to school, EDSITEment offers a host of new resources and lesson plans aimed to assist teachers grappling with the requirements of the Common Core for English Language Arts. Framed around the CCSS exemplar texts, the lessons and resources listed here embody the level of complexity and quality, and the breadth and depth, at which the Standards aim. The lessons identify anchor standards and the student activities contain applications for CC grade-level standards. While not being prescriptive, they are meant to serve as guideposts.


Literature and Language Arts

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History and Social Studies


  • Albert Sabin and Bioethics: Testing at the Chillicothe Federal Reformatory
    Students work through four main questions of bioethics to determine whether or not Sabin acted ethically; learn how to approach these questions using primary and secondary sources; and come to their own conclusions using evidence-based logical reasoning.
  • Galileo: Revealing the Universe
    Students practice close reading of passages from Galileo’s Starry Messenger concerning his observations of the stars and constellations through a telescope and develop an understanding of how he constructed his arguments that challenged established views of his time.

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