College and Career Readiness Text Exemplars: Summer Reading for Teachers

Montage of famous authors: Hurston, Toqueville, Dickinson, Douglass, Alcott, Achebe

This summer, as educators select teaching texts in preparation for the college and career-ready standards implementation, EDSITEment offers the following list of aligned resources for the college and career-ready standards text exemplars itemized in Appendix B. These text exemplars epitomize the level of complexity and quality and range that the Standards require of all students in a given grade level. They are meant to serve as guideposts.

EDSITEment follows each author and exemplary text on this list with related lesson plans, reviewed websites, NEH features, as well as entries from our Closer Readings blog.

College and career-ready standards Text Exemplars: Summer Reading for Teachers is divided into text complexity grade bands as defined by the standards for the middle and high school: 6–8; 9–10; and 11–CCR. Within each band, exemplars are further divided into text types matching those required in the standards for Grade 6–CCR English Language Arts (ELA): Stories, Drama, Poetry, Informational texts for English Language Arts and Informational texts for History and Social Studies.

Each EDSITEment resource has been labeled by content type with a symbol in parenthesis.

The legend for the content type symbols:

(L) Lesson

(W) Website

(B) Blog – EDSITEment “Closer Readings” for Common Core State Standards applications

(P) Prezi

(F) EDSITEment Feature, NEH Humanities magazine feature

(I) Interactive, Launchpad

(V) Video


A montage representation of English Language Arts  text exemplar authors: Hurston, Toqueville, Dickinson, Douglass, Alcott, Achebe.