Closer Readings Commentary

Soldiers, Veterans, and War in U.S. and World History

NEH’s EDSITEment program offers a variety of resources for teaching and learning about the experiences of war and its aftermath and the role of citizen soldiers and veterans in world history and in our national life.

These digital resources, brought together to facilitate study and discussion, are gathered in three sections: articles from the agency’s flagship magazine, Humanities; lesson plans built around important primary source documents in all media; and vetted websites, many of which were supported through NEH grants.



French and Indian War to the War of 1812

American Civil War

World Wars I and II

Korea and Vietnam

Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq

EDSITEment Lessons

The Ancient World through the American Revolution

The Civil War

World War I

World War II

EDSITEment-reviewed Websites


Specific Wars (in chronological order)