Closer Readings Commentary

How popular is Emily Dickinson's Poetry with your students?

As we wind down National Poetry Month, I was wondering how your students are experiencing the poetry of Emily Dickinson? Do they find her 19th-century voice speaks to their concerns in the 21st century? Is her poetry pertinent today or do they consider it a quaint throw back to an earlier era? How do you approach the challenge of teaching Dickinson's unique style of verse?

Here are couple of new features from EDSITEment that may open additional dimensions to the study of Emily Dickinson:

Our new launchpad - a student resource which explores her place in her community and her vocation as a gardener-poet. It offers questions /writing activities around her nature poetry and a video clip where students can take a virtual tour of the garden she cultivated in full bloom!

Launchpad: Flowers from Emily

Our new Poetry Month feature which celebrates the 150th anniversary of her first letter to her mentor, Thomas Higginson. This feature offers resources to teach Dickinson to all ages and grades.

Emily Dickinson: An American Poet for All Ages