• Scripting the Past: Exploring Women's History Through Film

    Created September 27, 2010
    Scripting the Past: scripting.jpg

    Students employ the screenwriter's craft to gain a fresh perspective on notable women in American history.

  • Remember the Ladies: The First Ladies

    Created September 27, 2010
    Remember the Ladies: Abigail Adams

    Explore the ways in which First Ladies were able to shape the world while dealing with the expectations placed on them as women and as partners of powerful men.

  • Ordinary People, Ordinary Places: The Civil Rights Movement

    Created September 24, 2010
    Ordinary People, Ordinary Places Little Rock High School

    By researching these "ordinary" people and the now historic places where they brought about change, students will discover how the simple act of sitting at a lunch counter in North Carolina could be considered revolutionary, and how, combined with countless other acts of nonviolent protest across the nation, it could lead to major legislation in the area of civil rights for African Americans.

  • On the Oregon Trail

    Created September 24, 2010
    On the Oregon Trail: oregon02

    Work with primary documents and latter-day photographs to recapture the experience of traveling on the Oregon Trail.

  • Not Only Paul Revere: Other Riders of the American Revolution

    Created September 24, 2010
    Paul Revere's Ride

    While Paul Revere's ride is the most famous event of its kind in American history, other Americans made similar rides during the Revolutionary period.  After learning about some less well known but no less colorful rides that occurred in other locations, students gather evidence to support an argument about why at least one of these "other riders" does or does not deserve to be better known.

    November's Literary Lions

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    "To get the right word in the right place is a rare achievement"
    Mark Twain in his letter to Emeline Beach, 1868

    Launchpad: Wharton's "Ethan Frome"

    Edith Wharton's Ethan Frome

    Edith Wharton published Ethan Frome in 1911; a full e-text is available below, alongside links that will allow you to learn more about Wharton's life and work.

    Launchpad: London's White Fang

    Jack London’s White Fang


    White Fang

    The online text, biography of Jack London, and a literary definition of "setting" are all available below. Your teacher will provide instructions for the White Fang Close Reading Worksheet.