• Launchpad: Robert Browning’s “My Last Duchess”

    Created May 24, 2012

    Walt Whitman registers the title, “Leaves of Grass,” with the U.S. District Court, NY

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    May 15, 1855
    image from Slavery by Another Name

    Slavery, the Crisis of the Union, the Civil War, and Reconstruction

    This is an expansive multidisciplinary collection of EDSITEment resources on the antebellum and Civil War era of American history.

    Image of Chaucer as a pilgrim from Ellesmere Manuscript

    The Autumn of the Middle Ages: Chaucer and Dante

    This page features resources relating to medieval literature, and presents information about the works of Chaucer and Dante. Learn more about these authors and Europe during Middle Ages by visiting the lesson plans and websites referenced on this page.

    Literature of the Civil War

    Read and discuss some of the great American writers and their work in the mid-19th century. This feature explores the themes of slavery, the role of women, and the experience of war.

    Black and white drawing of Shakespeare

    Celebrate Shakespeare's Birthday

    Celebrate the Bard of Avon’s birthday with Folger Shakespeare’s Library “Online Resources for Teachers.” You’ll find “Shakespeare for Kids,” games and puzzles to engage younger students, and free audio-video resources designed to help you teach Shakespeare to older ones.

    Portrait of Miguel de Cervantes

    Seis gigantes de la literatura hispana

    Descubre algunos de los más grandes poetas hispanos.

    Portrait of Miguel de Cervantes

    Six Hispanic Literary Giants

    Explore the great Hispanic poets, from 1600 to present.