Washington Monument and cherry blossoms

An EDSITEment Tour of the National Mall

This page from EDSITEment features resources relating to Washington D.C.'s National Mall, and presents information about the history and landmarks of the Mall.

Madison, Florida: Four Freedoms Monument, inspired by a speech by FDR

Four Freedoms for the Fourth

This feature lists resources relating to freedom and presents information and activities about Franklin Delano Roosevelt's concept of The Four Freedoms. Learn more about political speeches, freedom, and the U.S. government.

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Constitutionally Speaking

Constitutionally Speaking, a collaboration of the New Hampshire Humanities Council and several New Hampshire nonprofit organizations offers a suite of civics resources for K–12 teachers, including award-winning lesson plans and videos on the nation's founding document and its application in 21st-century America.

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Launchpad: “The Grand Inquisitor” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

By Ed Marks and Dan Cummings, revised by Joe Phelan

About the Author

In the spring of 1849, Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821–1881) faced a Russian firing squad. He had been accused of the political crime of promoting utopian socialism, a popular ideology that threatened the deeply conservative government of Czar Nicholas I. Just as the order was being given to the firing squad to shoot, a messenger appeared with an edict from the Czar commuting the sentence to four years of hard labor in Siberia.

Harriet Powers, American folk artist and quilt maker, is born

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October 29, 1837
Old North Church steeple Boston, MA

Tories, Timid, or True Blue?

MIT’s HyperStudio Lab for Digital Humanities’ investigative experience into decisions faced on the eve of the American Revolution by Boston’s Old North Church congregation in 1775.

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Perseus Digital Library

An extensive collection of maps, texts, translations, commentary, and artifacts of the Classical world and beyond.

Attack on Deerfield

Attack on Deerfield: On February 29, 1704, the sun rose on a chaotic scene in Deerfield, Massachusetts ...