President Martin Van Buren is born

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December 5, 1782
Image of monastery in Mexico

When Worlds Collide

This PBS website looks at how the Old and New Worlds mixed after Columbus landed on Hispaniola in 1492. The 90-minute documentary and website trace milestone events during the 16th century and illustrates how both the New World and the Old were radically transformed by contact. The extensive resources for teachers and students include a timeline, scholarly essays and lesson plans.


U.S.–Mexican War

This PBS site tells the dramatic story of a war in which Mexico lost almost half of its national territory to the United States. This national Emmy Award-winning documentary series explores the events surrounding the conflict between two neighboring nations struggling for land, power and identity. NOTE: there is also a Spanish version.

old capital building santa fe

Contested Homelands

The 400th anniversary celebration of Santa Fe is a timely opportunity for teachers from around the country to study the complex history and culture of the area by investigating the historic sites of Santa Fe and surrounding Pueblos.

  • The Road to Santa Fe: Interactive Map

    Created October 19, 2010
  • Asian-Pacific: Voyage of Manjiro

    Created October 19, 2010
  • Reading, Writing and 'Rithmetic in the One-Room Schoolhouse

    Created October 6, 2010
    Reading, Writing and 'Rithmetic in the One-Room Schoolhouse

    This lesson ecourages students to explore the similarities and differences of being a student in a one-room schoolhouse versus attending their own well-equipped, modern school.

  • Native American Cultures Across the U.S.

    Created October 5, 2010
    Native American Cultures Across the U.S.: Sioux woman

    This lesson discusses the differences between common representations of Native Americans within the U.S. and a more differentiated view of historical and contemporary cultures of five American Indian tribes living in different geographical areas. Students will learn about customs and traditions such as housing, agriculture, and ceremonial dress for the Tlingit, Dinè, Lakota, Muscogee, and Iroquois peoples.

  • On This Day With Lewis and Clark

    Created September 28, 2010
    On This Day With Lewis and Clark: Lewis

    Looking at historic maps of the West, students can begin to appreciate the immensity and mystery of the mission Lewis and Clark accepted.