Conflict and Compromise in the Origins of the U.S. Constitution

This collection brings together EDSITEment and Smithsonian resources to support the initial research into a project for National History Day 2018, "Conflict and Compromise in History." These resources - including lesson plans, portraits, digital exhibitions, and artwork - help explore how conflict and compromise led to the drafting and ratification of the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Thirteenth Amendment.

What is Chronicling America?

National History Day 2018: Conflict and Compromise with EDSITEment resources


White House etching 19th-century

A President's Vision

Texas Humanities offers an examination of some notable American presidents and considers some of the programs that they initiated during their administrations

mid 19th century engraving showing the White House

A President's Vision

This suite of materials from Texas Humanities offers an examination of some notable American presidents and considers some of the programs that they initiated during their administrations.

election button

A Defense of the Electoral College

Americans elect a president through the state-by-state mechanism of the Electoral College rather than direct nationwide popular vote. Today, all but two states award all of their electoral votes to the statewide winner.

What is Chronicling America?

EDSITEment Resources for National History Day 2016

The theme of National History Day, Exploration, Encounter, Exchange in History for 2016 is broad enough in scope to encourage investigation of topics ranging from local to world history and across any geographic area or time period. Consider this theme an invitation to look across time, space, and geography to find examples in history of when people took a risk and made a change.

Poster - First Call with Uncle Sam

World War I: American Artists View the Great War

An online exhibition from the Library of Congress containing posters, cartoons, photographs, and other images illustrating the impact American artists had in raising patriotic sentiment for WWI.

Smithsonian Museum African American History and Culture building

Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture

Located on the National Mall in Washington DC., this Smithsonian museum hosts a collection of over 30,000 artifacts that provide a record of the experiences and contributions of African Americans to our nation’s history and culture.

National Archive where Charters of Freedom, U.S. Constitution displayed

Teaching the U. S. Constitution with EDSITEment’s Top Resources

Here are some of the most popular resources on this list that you can use for Constitution Day September 17 and during the fall semester for history, civics, and social studies classes.

American flag

National Constitution Center

The National Constitution Center is an independent, non-partisan, and non-profit organization dedicated to increasing public understanding of, and appreciation for, the Constitution, its history, and its contemporary relevance.