1935 drawing of Steinbeck by James Fitzgerald. National Portrait Gallery.

John Steinbeck: A Voice for a Region, A Voice for America

This National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute for Teachers held at the Steinbeck Institute, San Jose State University, contains a rich collection of scholarly essays, lesson plans, maps, and images covering Steinbeck's work and his world.

Contested Visions website main page image. Colonial painting

Contested Visions in the Spanish Colonial World

Contested Visions, funded in part by NEH and co-organized by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, Mexico, examines the significance of indigenous peoples within the artistic landscape of colonial Latin America. The exhibition offers a comparative view of the two principal viceroyalties of Spanish America—Mexico and Peru—from the fifteenth to the nineteenth centuries.

EDSITEment and Common Core: A Raisin in the Sun

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  • Planilla de aprendizaje para el estudiante: Esperanza renace de Pam Muñoz Ryan

    Created July 26, 2012
  • Esperanza renace: Aprendiendo a no temer el comenzar de nuevo

    Created July 25, 2012
    Esperanza image

    En este plan de clase los estudiantes explorarán algunos de los contrastes a los que Esperanza se enfrenta cuando debe abandonar su cómoda vida como hija consentida de terrateniente poderoso, siempre rodeada de familia y de sirvientes, para convertirse en una sirvienta junto con los demás obreros agrícolas emigrantes. Este plan de clase también estudiará el trasfondo de la historia, considerando su marco histórico, social y cultural para descubrir los grandes contrastes y contradicciones que Esperanza descubre al llegar a los Estados Unidos. Y, finalmente, este plan de clase invitará a los estudiantes a prestar atención a algunos de los cambios a los que Esperanza se tiene que enfrentar para convertirse, tras ser una niña privilegiada y mimada, en una jovencita responsable y emprendedora.

    Tenement Museum picture of an interior

    Tenement Museum

    The Tenement Museum preserves and interprets the history of immigration through the personal experiences of the generations of newcomers who settled in and built lives on Manhattan's Lower East Side, America's iconic immigrant neighborhood.

    Catholic mission in American southwest.

    How Teachers Can Make the Most of "When Worlds Collide"

    In this feature, Dan McDowell, AP World History teacher and consultant for the PBS film "When Worlds Collide" surveys the features of the companion website, indicating how the K-16 educational community can make the best use of these resources.

    The Statue of Liberty

    Statue of Liberty

    This feature gives students a history of the Statue of Liberty and the waves of immigration to the U.S. around 1900.

    Slavery by Another Name still

    "Slavery by Another Name"

    Slavery by Another Name is a 90-minute, NEH-funded documentary challenging one of America's most cherished assumptions: the belief that slavery ended with the Emancipation Proclamation. The film is viewable online and the website enriched with an interactive map and timeline with text, videos, photos, a searchable selection of themes, enriched with clips, commentary, and more.

    Image from Mission US 2 game

    Mission US 2: Flight to Freedom

    Mission US is a multimedia project that immerses players in U.S. history content through free interactive games. In Mission 2: “Flight to Freedom,” players take on the role of Lucy, a 14-year-old slave in Kentucky. As they navigate her escape and journey to Ohio, they discover that life in the “free” North is dangerous and difficult. In 1850, the Fugitive Slave Act brings disaster.