John Biglin in a Single Scull by Thomas Eakins

Eakins’ Vision of American Recreation—“In the Good Old Summer Time”

Summertime is vacation time, time for a break. This month EDSITEment features lesson plans and websites that focus on American leisure, past and present. As middle-class Americans gained leisure time in the late 1800s, sports like baseball, bicycling, and sculling became popular in the U.S.

Histories of the National Mall

Explore historical maps, discover stories you never knew, find people and historical events related to the Mall's past.

Girl at sewing machine from Mission U.S. immigration game

Jewish American Heritage Month

Each May, EDSITEment celebrates Jewish American Heritage Month by pointing to the rich array of educational resources on the history of the Jewish people in America.

Benny Carter Jazz Appreciation Month poster, 2016

Jazz Appreciation Month 2016: Benny Carter and Democracy

Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM) was created by the National Museum of American History in 2002 to celebrate the extraordinary heritage and history of jazz. Each year the museum picks a major musician to commemorate.

Tupperware promo


Using interviews with Tupperware executives and dealers from the early days and wonderful, little-seen footage of Tupperware Jubilees, this funny, probing American Experience documentary and its supplementary website examines assumptions about American culture in the 1950s.

Cartoon of man playing polo in a wheelchair

Disability History Museum

This site hosts a library of virtual artifacts, education curricula, and museum exhibits (forthcoming). These programs are designed to foster research and study about the historical experiences of people with disabilities and their communities.

  • Lesson 3: Hopi Traditional Dance and Song

    Created November 18, 2015
    Language of place: Hopi planting corn

    An exploration of the symbolism and imagery of corn and environment as manifested in Hopi song and traditional dances. Students analyze examples of historical and contemporary Hopi song and examine images of Hopi dance in order to expand cultural awareness.

    Anna Mae Wong on her visa certificate

    Chinese American Exclusion Act

    Follow the stories of Chinese immigrants who arrived in America at the height of anti-Chinese restriction.

    Baseball player jumping to catch ball.

    Chasing Dreams: Baseball and Becoming American

    Celebrates baseball and the many fans, players, and characters who helped shape our American story. From the National Museum of American Jewish History.